April 26, 2014

Reminiscent of A Christmas Carol or Dante’s Inferno, an old man guides a young boy through six visually striking dreamworlds, following the natural order of animal evolution on the planet; Fish, Amphibians, Reptiles, Insects, Mammals, and Birds. Each dream teaches the boy something new about the world, as begins to develop a curious attachment to the grandfatherly old man.

The plot takes a turn in the second act, when we start to suspect that these visions are somehow connected to the old man’s memory. Soon we come to discover that, long ago, this man worked in a traveling circus, and just so happened to fall deeply in love. Haunted by the memories of his wife’s unexpected death, he has been a prisoner of his animal dreams, bound to the strange dances and performances of its characters.

Implementing dance, circus arts, mask-and-puppet theater, elaborate costuming, and a live orchestra, Animalia wove Asheville’s performing arts community together like never before, into a mind-blowing collaboration of ninety-seven artists and performers. The show broke attendance records at Asheville’s iconic Hazel Robinson Amphitheater.

My personal role in the production was in projection mapping three screens with the creative visuals and text for the spoken words of the characters.

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