Appalachian Winter

Appalachian Winter

January 24, 2015

A woman’s descent into psychic darkness follows the cycle of the sun through the winter season with the characters of Bear, Raven, and Moon.

Music, storytelling, dance, video, costumery, theatrics, puppetry, shamanism, and song combine to bring the audience through the midwinter cycle of descent, discovery of inward light, and promise of emergence into spring. This particular performance is one of a series of seasonal performances which create a complete cycle of the year.

In this piece, a singing storyteller narrates the lead character’s autumnal loss of love, her inward journey into chaos and winter’s darkness, and her discovery of creativity and light within. Cello, guitar, and regional found-sounds accompany the piece, with video used to co-create and expand the set, story, and backgrounds. The character of the raven, who carries the sun throughout the year, descends to the woman’s house to witness, interface, and provide counterpoint and comedy. The characters dance as songs, music, and video unfold. The audience is invited to deepen the journey by reflecting on their own inward losses, joys, lessons, and hopes.

The greater mission of Appalachian Season is to serve as a bioregional production container that fosters ecocultural awareness, artistic expression, and collective reflection on purpose, place, and identity within Southern Appalachia.

I provided live projections and videomapping backdrops for the performance, shifting the settings and setting the stage for the different scenes and acts of the performance.

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