Deva Project

Deva Project

October 2, 2013

Deva Project is the brainchild of Jami Deva.

Jami is a visionary producer of ecstatic music and events that empower people to strengthen and renew their own autonomous connection to the True Source. He believes that Sound, Light, Breath & Movement are the keys to unlocking human potential and returning to the natural frequency of True Love. Jami has dedicated his life work to the expansion of consciousness through live events & recording media.

We are at a unique time in human history where the human race is waking up. We are realizing our true potential as vast and infinite spiritual beings. We are at this moment undergoing a transformative process of becoming who we truly are. Dissolving illusions of separateness and limiting belief structures, rebuilding our world view, our relationships, and our connection with Nature.

I provided custom solutions for the e-commerce setup of the Deva Project website, as well as many theme customizations using CSS and php.

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