(Floating On A) Glacier

(Floating On A) Glacier

May 24, 2010

Summary: Every year Campus Movie Fest comes around, and last year I finally decided to enter in the world’s largest short-film competition. Each student is given an HD camera, a tripod, a Macbook Pro, and five days to complete a 5-minute long film.

Method: Teamed up with my colleague Takuya Yoshikane, we decided to create a music video for one of my musical projects, Bodega Roja. Since most of our songs are longer than five minutes, it was apparent which song we would choose, and the pacing, title, and tone of the piece sparked ideas about creating a distinct narrative based on a collective interpretation of how the piece felt.

A few weeks earlier it had snowed in the Atlanta area, and a good friend took me on an adventure to the rock quarry on the west side of town. Upon walking down the path, I noticed the amazing rock formations were still frozen over, creating the closest thing to real Atlanta glaciers.

With this footage, Takuya and I came up with the basic concept for the storyline and decided we would utilize the OpenVJ software as a part of the editing process to portray the varying intensity of the song’s structure.

Comments/Description: The plot, never explicitly stated, is an environmental adventure meant to be a personal journey. The camera is shot almost entirely in POV to aid in this understanding. As the story begins, the day has arrived, and the adventurer leaves his home to wander among the wilderness, seeing nothing in particular of interest. Once he/she encounters the spirit whisperer, however, the world around begins to shimmer and glow with a magical light.

The purpose here was to take the song tile and realize it in a new sense, where “floating on a glacier” referes to the way that we are all floating on a disintegrating landmass, and there is only one true way to save it: by loving and protecting the beautiful world we have.

Personal Contributions: As the nature of the contest almost inherently requires, all members of the group served as both directors and editors during different times of the film, taking responsibility for all aspects of its creation. I also contributed “beforehand” in the creation of the song itself and the OpenVJ software used in editing.

Skills/Programs Used:

  • Final Cut Pro
  • iMovie HD
  • PureData
  • Standard film techniques (lighting, framing, sound & video editing, etc.)

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