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Gimbaja’s Magic Dream

May 24, 2007

Assignment: [LCC 3314 – African Film and New Media Weekly Assignment #2]
Create a cinematic micronarrative (concise, poignant causal event between actors and objects in a social situation) that features a single type of interaction that affects how the story is told that is either:

  1. A screen-based work using Flash or Processing and non-digitally produced visual assets, or
  2. A physically instantiated work (e.g. a comic, film poster, experimental book, sculpture, or performance) using digitally produced visual assets


Summary: For this project I went with the first choice, and with the added criteria of no spoken words, made a music-based piece built in Flash and Final Cut Pro that tells a narrative using an animation style inspired by the work of South African artist William Kentridge, utilizing looseleaf paper with pencil drawings. The story is about a man named Gimbaja who enters the dreamworld (or is it?) and meets his griot spirit, which puzzles him as to which world is the real world. Big thanks to the group The Books, for their song “Be Good To Them Always” which follows the plotline almost frighteningly.

Personal Contributions: Everything from drawing the actual characters and animations, to editing the character in Flash and Final Cut Pro.

Skills/Programs Used:

  • Final Cut Pro
  • Adobe Flash
  • Pencil/Paper

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