January 22, 2012


Hildebrandt’s restaurant and store in Augusta, Georgia is one of the oldest known staples of the downtown area. Seeking to keep pace, and to give their store a youthful jolt of energy, they came to me for a facebook fan page that would serve as their main portal on the web, including a full menu and reviews form around the web.

Much strategy was discussed, and all involved agreed that recognizing the building’s longevity (since 1873 the restaurant has been running in the same location) and the brand’s old-time traditions was something not to be sacrificed to create new customers. So the path we chose was one of nostalgia, digging through old photographs of the store’s family tree and piecing together a collage to blend in subtly with facebook’s new timeline affordances.

The result can be seen here, with a complete family timeline in the works for the future.

Skills Used

  • Adobe Photoshop

Site Link

Hildebrandt’s Facebook Page

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