Jordan Spy Jordan

Jordan…Spy Jordan

August 23, 2010

Summary JSJ is a film created as a final project for LCC 3406 – Video Production. It was created by Dave Hardin, Daniel Fuller, and myself as a representation of our understanding of basic film techniques.

Method: Each student was asked to formulate a basic plot summary and present it before the class. After a round of voting, the top four ideas remained, and students then chose which group interested each the most.

Dave’s basic plot was the memoirs of an inept spy.

Both of us being fans of the Tim and Eric Awesome Show: Great Job! series, and discussing this when brainstorming, Dave decided to go at the story in complete satirical form, with purposeful mess ups throughout in editing, etc. Of course, I was in full support.

Comments/Description (via YouTube): A short film about an inept spy’s memories of his glory days. A comedic satire using purposeful and skillful editing…hope you get that one joke we made!

Personal Contributions:

Besides my obvious roles as the “dog poop worshipper” and the “untrained robot”, I debuted in the acting world as the main character Spy Jordan. Dave and I took responsibility of editing the film, paying close attention to the little things we could slip in to increase the amount of humor in the film by welcoming jump cuts and discontinuity when necessary.

Skills/Programs Used:

  • Final Cut Pro
  • iMovie HD
  • Acting
  • Standard film techniques (lighting, framing, sound & video editing, etc.)

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