Mario V. Luigi

May 24, 2007

Assignment: LCC 2700-Intro to Computational Media Final Project

Summary: This was a group assigment meant to test our programming ability and creativity using the Batari Basic language.

Method: Teamed up with Chris Sumsky and Sam Rickles, we wanted to create a game that was fun and nostalgic (I mean, this is the Atari). The first thing that sprang to mind was the awesome music of the original Mario Brothers games from the Nintendo, and how much fun those games were to play over and over again. Then spawned the age old argument of who’s better…Mario or Luigi?

Using this initial idea, that 20 minute argument, and our limitations (Atari allows for only 2 sprites, 2 “bullets”, and a ball) we added the idea of MarioKart to the mix, where it would be a battle between Mario and Luigi to rescue Princess Peach from the castle. Yes, Peach is a big pink square, but in my opinion, she never looked so good.

Here is our original description: In this game, a two player battle between the Mario brothers for the love of Princess Peach, Mario (we mapped him to WASD movement and fire button ‘1’) and Luigi (we mapped him to the arrows for movement and fire button ‘space bar’) are controlled by humans with goal of traveling to the middle to pick up Princess Peach (by running into her) and then carrying her back to your starting point. Running into the other player will steal Peach, and shooting them with a fireball will send Peach back to the middle. Scoring resets the screen for a new skirmish on a new map, and 5 scores by a player wins the game! Space bar will reset from the win screen. Good luck and enjoy!

So the question still lingers…who’s better? Download Stella (the Atari emulator) and our game and battle it out with your buddy of choice!

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