May 23, 2008

Living Walls Fundraiser: Hello Ocho from takuya yoshikane on Vimeo.

The summer of ’08 was a wonderful time for a lot of us. For me, it meant a Spanish summer in the beautiful port town of Barcelona. Little did I know upon embarking on my study abroad that I would be overwhelmed by the gratuitous use of open computing (Ubuntu, anyone?) and a world of new media far beyond my expectations.

In being overwhelmed, I managed to immerse myself in this computing trend, attending a workshop with Hans Cristoph-Steiner, one of the leading developers for the PureData programming language (more or less the open source version of MAX MS/P). In this workshop I learned the beauty of using innovative ways to control audio and visual projects.

While I focused on using the sixaxis ps3 controller and other HID gamepads to experiment with music, my friend Blackili Milhose was working on video manipulation using the affordances of his MacBook. When the week was over, we decided to combine our knowledge and observe the abnormalities…

Our creation, being revised here and there over the past year and a half is the OpenVJ platform. It can be called a video mixer, it can be called a video manipulator, but I’d like to quote a wise man in calling it “The coolest visualizer I’ve ever played.”

Using a gamepad, the user has the ability to do the following:

  • Play / Pause 1: press button1 for video channel 1, button2 for channel 2.
  • Video Mix: LR motion on Right Analog Stick
  • Threshold: UD motion on Right Analog Stick
  • Color Control: R2 + all motion of Right Analog Stick
  • Kaleidoscope: R1 + all motion of Right Analog Stick
  • Pixelation: L2 + all motion of Left Analog Stick
  • Screen Multiplication: via L1 + all motion of Left Analog Stick
  • Set Effect: Adjust parameters of any top R or L button then release top R or L button
  • Left Effect Reset: Reset any Left controlled effect by Pressing Left Analog Stick
  • Right Effect Reset: Reset any Light controlled effect by Pressing Right Analog Stick
  • Resolution: Easily adjustable resolution through PD patch.


Confused? Check out Blacki’s intro video:

Intro to OpenVJ

Interested in building on our code? Download PureData and our patch and enjoy our software libre!


If you use it for a performance, or for profit, please shoot us a link to it so we can give you some credit, and maybe watch it in action!

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