Project Firefly

Project Firefly

January 12, 2012

“How will any employer ever know how good you really are?” is the beckoning cry of Project Firefly, a global platform for academic talent to express their (fact-driven) opinions on world issues.

While working for Icon Worldwide in eastern Switzerland, I had the unique opportunity to be amidst the first breaths of the project, in fact, I am solely responsible for its name. The name itself based off of the idea of finding hidden light to guide the way to a better future, just as kids we gather fireflies in a jar until we have enough to provide a light in the form of a glowing lantern.

Beyond naming Project Firefly, I built the frontend and both devised and implemented the interaction design for both the original contest site and the newly unveiled social network site. If the network takes flight, it will provide a new measure of global academics that could truly change the way that employers look for talent in specific fields, as well as enabling university students (and recent grads) the chance to exchange ideas with peers all over the world. Will it happen? There’s only one way to know, #followtheglow

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