Tarocco: A Soldier’s Tale

June 12, 2015

The Italian tradition of Comedia dell’arte comes alive in Tarocco: A Soldier’s Tale, a kaleidoscopic narrative about one soldier’s journey out of the trenches of the first World War, and into the mesmerizing dreamworld of a 15th century Italian Tarot deck. Trapped in German-occupied Piedmont, the dying soldier uses a deck of playing cards (the 500-year-old Tarocco Piemontese) to weave himself a fantasy of ruin and redemption and keep the dark reality of war at bay.

The Magician… The Hanged Man… Death…

Each new card brings to the stage a mysterious character from the Tarocco, leading the hero through twenty-one wondrous labyrinths of the human imagination.

Handmade Venetian costumes and sets will adorn Asheville’s greatest circus performers in each breathtaking act. Nashville composer Marcin Bela’s original score will be performed live using both electronic and traditional Italian folk instruments, and Donovan Zimmerman of the Triangle’s Paperhand Puppet Intervention will be designing the show’s mask and puppet construction. Opening on the centennial of Italy’s entry into WWI, Tarocco will be plunging into new territory and climbing to new heights (literally and metaphorically) that will surpass even Animalia in its scope and ambition.

I contributed live projection mapping and visual control of the three screens, as well as animation designed for dancer interaction during the Star scene.

Tools Used: AfterEffects, VDMX