The Family Funk

December 24, 2008

The Family is here.

With the quiet dissolution of Eucalyptus and the Kamikaze Koalas in late 2008, drummer Dylan Banks set his sight on a new goal: bringing people together for the love of music.

The Family Funk is that brainchild, a joint project initiated by Banks, drummer Ricky Taft, and bassist Andrew Price, in an effort to bring together some of the most talented musicians across Atlanta to create a massive funk party explosion onstage. With a rotating lineup that included members of Entropy, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and many more, there was always something new to see, whether it be in sextet, octet, or dodectet form.

The band has played many venues and festivals around Atlanta, including The Five Spot, Smith’s Olde Bar, Sweetwater Brewery, The Goat Farm, TNS East Atlanta, Outlaws Outdoors, Wheelbarrow Festival, and Georgia Tech. They have also visited popular college towns Athens, Carrollton, and Raleigh, NC.

Personal Contributions:

Acting as the first, second, or sometimes third percussionist (in addition to a drummer), my focus was mainly on accenting different rhythms and supplying polyrhythms to add well-timed complexity to the differing, oft-improvised instrumentation.


  • -Djembe (Ghana)
  • -Gourd drum
  • -Timbales w/ mounted cowbell & jamblock
  • -Clave (Puerto Rico)
  • -Woodland Guiro-like Animals (Spain, Malaysia, the Appalachia)
  • -Pangi Nut Shaker (Kenya)

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