The Phantasmagorium

June 24, 2010

Idea interpretation beyond the human form.

The Phantasmagorium is a Free-Bit (freeform bit-infused electronica) based music/visual project initiated by Nick Nehf, Takuya Yoshikane, and Daniel Sabio, in the late summer of 2010.

Under the pseudonyms of Deku Tree, Thelonious Panda, and Natty Ko (respectively), the group utilizes a fusion of environmental field recordings, audiobook samples, computer programming, and more to create an all encompassing synaesthetic out-of-body experience for its audience that has been described as “a psychedelic experience without the hallucinogens” by its listeners.

The Phantasmagorium is more than a band, it is an imaginative environment. As the members continue to grow in experiences and number (esp. visually), more efforts and avenues will allow more technology to enter its way into the live experience of the project, creating something unparalled by today’s performance standards.

Although no accounts of The Phantasmagorium in a live setting have been documented, the current trio of contributors have been sighted performing the music across Georgia in the winter of ’10.

One such sighting was recorded on the WUOG radio station and is available via the project’s soundcloud page.

If you are an artist interested in contributing, please contact the project at thephantasmagorium [AT] gmail

For official biography and news, visit the project’s facebook.

The Phantasmagorium-World 1-1 by nattyko

Personal Contributions My first exploration in the world of live electronics, I contribute a great deal of research in finding enlightening audiobooks to sample for vocals. Musically, I aid in the structure and composition of song movements, and instrumentation arrangements through use of hardware synths, step sequencers, and more recently have been developing visuals to accompany, and augment, the freeform nature of the project.

Instruments List:

  • Korg Electribe EM-1
  • Novation Midicon (via Korg Electribe)
  • Novation Launchpad (via Max MSP and Ableton)
  • Gameboy Color (via LSDJ software)

NOTE: Currently the group is on hiatus due to location-based boundaries, but members continue to work together on individual-based projects. It has been rumored that Natty Ko and Deku Tree are working on a release in late 2013.

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