Where the Wild Things Spill

Where The Wild Things Spill

March 24, 2010

Assignment: LCC 2730 – Construction of Moving Objects Final Project

Summary: For this assignment we had two options:

  1. a) Create an animation using models from Maya with Adobe AfterEffects.
  2. b) Create a model and place it in a 3d environment using Maya.


Method: For this assignment our teacher Brian Schrank told us to be as creative and “trippy” as possible with our choice of narrative. Let’s just say I took this idea and rolled with it. I used a stock model from a public repository for my story’s main character, and a variety of mixes of 3D and 2D environments layered throughout using AfterEffects. Oh, and of course, you can’t forget Mr. Aid…ooooooh yeaaaah!

Comments: Tribal sounds from a dream within a dream entices a man to to follow his ears in unknown territory…what he finds is to his surprise (but he’s not mad).

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