April 6, 2015

In this piece, the world is one of dreamspace, of familiar surreality. To do so, I equipped myself with a masterful team of collaborators, from live painters and vocalists to crotcheters, and together we were able to transport participants into this world in a relaxing, full-sensory vehicle.

The concept is to create a waking life version of a lucid dream, where participants are enabled to create and contribute to the transforming audiovisual journey entrancing them.

Participants enter one by one into a space with heavily draped lighting, shrouded in shadows, where a bed invites his/her relaxation. As she lies on the bed, projections begin to fill the room with fleeting shapes and elusive shadows that interact with the already existing shapes on the walls around the bed, as atmospheric music slowly drifts her into spaciousness. The narrative of the projections progresses as the shapes transform into nostalgic visions resonating with her youth, continuing on in a personalized form until her own image is introduced starkingly into the environment.

At this point, she may react, and as she does, the environment also reacts, affected depending upon her movements in the bed. Thus the narrative’s branches have been splintered, and the length and content of the experience depends on her interactions with the room around her, as well as the secret (yet ever-present) performance of the musicians’ interpretation of her experience.

Xeyallari, meaning lucid visions in Azerbaijani, was first presented at {Re}Happening Festival 2015, in collaboration with Chryssha Guidry, Sally Garner, and Melāni G Glassman.

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