Yellow Cave

April 19, 2012

Yellow Cave is an immersive cave environment with a multitude of faces looking in at the viewer, where warm lights and meditative music create a space that is separate from all that is around and outside.

When good friend and collaborator Laurie Shapiro contacted me and asked if I wanted to travel across the country to add music to her installation, of course I said yes. As later described, “So much of our friendship is me asking you if you want to do crazy things, and you just saying ‘yeah, okay.'”. I suppose it’s the truth, considering our last summer’s hitchhiking adventure across Europe.

This time, though, it was just a long, long greyhound ride to Pittsburgh, and then a road trip down to Birmingham, where we installed what became happily known as “Yellow Cave” in the Paint the Town Red Festival (a benefit for the American Red Cross). The festival was filled with wonderful artists and artworks, and the people of Birmingham couldn’t have been cooler and more welcoming.

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